Experience the Excellence in Wood Framing Projects

At the heart of the stunning cityscapes of New England lies our handiwork. For over a quarter of a century, we’ve offered custom, economical solutions for commercial developments across this historic region. Our skilled team leverages a wealth of experience to deliver tailored solutions for every project, adapting to the unique challenges of urban, suburban, and rural settings.

A Legacy of Quality Projects

Our portfolio is diverse and comprehensive. We’ve added our touch to a plethora of constructions, with the finesse of our wood framing projects standing out across New England.

Residential complexes, such as the Washington Village in Norwalk, CT and the project at 6 Congress Ave, New Haven, highlight our ability to create welcoming, inviting spaces for communities. Our handiwork also embellishes the hospitality industry, with hotels like the one at 530 Western Ave, Brighton, and 14 David G. Mugar Way, Boston bearing our mark.

In the academic sphere, our capabilities shine in the form of well-constructed student housing and dormitories like those at Deerfield Academy. And when it comes to office buildings and retail, landmarks like Prospect Pawtucket, Carter Mario Law Office, and Webb-Deane Museum are testament to our proficiency.

The expansive Washington Village Parcel 1, 2 & 3 in Norwalk, CT, a 350,000 sq’ apartment building, embodies our dedication to quality, scalability, and adherence to time frames.

Offering Comprehensive Construction Services

Whether it’s assisted living apartments, student housing, office buildings, bank constructions, restaurant building construction, or hotel construction, our union contracting services excel in quality and professionalism. Our team, being part of the local contractor’s Union 723, offers nothing short of 100% satisfaction.

Our versatility also extends to our capability to provide guaranteed quotes for supply and install packages for turnkey rough framing projects. We specialize in the install cost for mass timber installations and offer bonding for projects upon request.

Washington Village Parcel 1, 2 & 3 Norwalk, CT

350,000 sq’  Apartment buildings

Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, MA

33,000 sq’ Deerfield Academy Dorm

14 David G. Mugar Way, Boston

Carter Mario Law Office, Milford

Install 30,0000 sq’ Office building

530 Western Ave, Brighton

Install 122,000 sq’ Apartment building

6 Congress Ave, Parcel 9 & 10, New Haven

Install 460,000 sq’ Apartments

6 Congress Ave, Parcel 11, New Haven

Install 460,000 sq’ Apartments

Webb-Deane Stevens Museum Education & Visitors Center, Weathersfield, Ct

Supply and install 8,000 sq’ Museum

Prospect, Pawtucket, Storage facility 

45,000 sq’ Restructure Stucutural members Storage facility

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Our commitment to excellence ensures we deliver projects that are not just structures, but symbols of quality and craftsmanship. Contact us when you need wood framing construction and commercial building development services in the New England area.