Elevating Commercial Developments with Mass Timber Construction

In the architectural world, the resonance of traditional charm and modern engineering has found a perfect balance in Mass Timber. We are proud to be an integral part of this harmonious blend, using our years of expertise to execute innovative commercial projects with precision and skill. In our journey spanning over two decades, our craftsmanship has been instrumental in transforming spaces and carving out structures of distinction across New England.

Examples of Our Mass Timber Structures

Our apartment and hotel buildings truly encapsulate the essence of our mission. The 11 Lenox Street project, a 45,000 sq’ apartment building, stands as a testament to our expertise in mass timber construction. On a similar vein, the CIEE 69 A Street in Boston embodies our excellence in providing sustainable, aesthetically pleasing structures that shape the city’s skyline.

We understand that every construction project has unique needs. Dormitories and student housing, for instance, require a blend of durability and comfort. This was our guiding principle when we undertook projects such as the CCCC Science and Engineering Building, Manchester Memorial Elementary School, and Quinnipiac University. Our solutions were designed to foster an environment conducive to learning.

Simultaneously, healthcare facilities necessitate meticulousness and careful planning. Our experience extends to several community health care facilities, where we’ve been able to create spaces that cater to medical needs while providing warmth and comfort.

Reinventing Commercial Spaces with Mass Timber

In the realm of office buildings and retail, our contribution has been marked by the creation of structures that not only meet commercial requirements but also seamlessly blend into the surrounding environment. Our work with the H. Richardson Club House and the Westport Project in Darien serves as prime examples of our versatility.

Moreover, we’ve lent our expertise to a range of sectors including assisted living apartments, bank constructions, restaurant, and hotel construction, among others. Regardless of the project scope, our union contracting services ensure quality, professionalism, and satisfaction.

11 Lenox Street Boston

45,000 sq’ Appartment building Mass Timber project

CCCC Science & Engineering Building

35,000 sq’ College Mass timber CLT roof install

CIEE 69 A Street, Boston, MA

30,000 sq’ Apartment Mass timber project

Community Healthcare, Meriden, CT

5,000 sq’ Post and beam prefab and install

H. Smith Richardson Clubhouse, Fairfield, CT

25,000 sq’ Club House /Cart barn Supply and install

Manchester Memorial Elementary School, Manchester-by-the-Sea

4,000 sq’ School post and beam install

Quinnipiac University Health & Wellness Center, Hamden, CT

35,000 sq’ UniversityMass timber install

Westport Project, Darien, CT

15,000 sq’ Apartments Mass Timber install


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